Ziptrack Blinds Brisbane

Ziptrack Blinds Brisbane have been carefully designed for stability and accessibility. The Ziptrack’s quick and easy pull-down, push-up action makes outdoor entertaining a breeze. Ziptrack Blinds Brisbane can be installed with a fully enclosed powder coated hood box and pelmets to give a premium look. Ziptrack Blinds Brisbane are operated by either manual or motorization. This unique blind is suited to any outdoor area, creating a light filter to maximise light block out, and even weather protection with MARINE GRADE PVC. You can be sure you have been left with an elegant Ziptrack Blind that enhances the look and feel of your home or Business.

Why not upgrade your current blinds with an ALPHA TUBULAR MOTOR or even choose the option of having a SUN and WIND sensors? At Oz Shades our motors are covered for 7 years and installed by our mature installers.

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