Zipscreen Blinds South Brisbane – Gold Coast

Zipscreen Blinds South Brisbane – Gold Coast have been carefully designed for stability and accessibility. Built with integrated Zip-Guided Z lock technology, this allows for a smooth fabric finish and a completely sealed system.  Zipscreens are usable all Year round with less rain, sun glare & insects. Available up to 5.8 metres wide and custom built to fit. Zipscreen Blinds can also cater for much larger openings with the ability to achieve up to 7 metres wide with the Zipscreen Extreme Blind,  a perfect solution for much larger openings without interrupting  your view.  Zipscreen Blinds are operated by either manual or motorization. Manual operation is available in two configurations, simply open and shut by hand using the spring operated system or by winding a detachable crank. Motorization, simply operate with a remote control to open and close with just one touch of a button or Smart Home with your Automate Pulse Hub to your motorized Zipscreen Blind. Control your shades through the Automate App from your mobile or tablet or link to your Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

Why not upgrade your current blinds with an Acmeda MOTOR or even choose the option of having a SUN and WIND sensor? At Oz Shades our motors are covered for 7 years and installed by our experienced installers.

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