Oz Shades Diamond Series Plus Components

Blade Locks (DS & DSP)


The Blade Lock System is exclusive to our product range. Offering a neatly engineered blade lock that can be built into the blades and remain aesthetically pleasing and highly functional as a great security feature in today’s security conscious age.



Slimline Bottom Track (DS  Only)


The Slimline Bottom Track has a low profile design which is designed to prevent tripping hazards, but not only is it practical, it looks great also. This design also comes with a floating bottom pivot that is captivated within the track , making installation simple even for the most uneven floors or sills.



Floating Bottom Pivot (DS Only)


The Floating Bottom Pivot for the DS shutters is the standard pivot supplied for all sliding and bi-fold applications.



C Channel Top & Bottom (DS & DSP)


C Channel is used as a base and top fixing point for fixed panel louvers.                      



H Channel (DS & DSP)


H Channel is used in between fixed panels on a project where multiple fived panels are used on the same opening to provide an attractive and fluent finish.



L and Z Framing (DS Only)


The L  and Z framing offers an option to help square an opening, while providing the job with an aesthetically pleasing finish.                                                      



Trim Angles (DS & DSP)


Trim Angles are a standard product utilized with all fixed louver panel applications, and allows concealment of any inconsistencies where shutters meet with walls or posts that are out of square. 



Stand Offs (DS & DSP)


Stand Offs are used externally when a louver panel or panels are required to be built off of an opening. These are available from 100mm projection to 500mm projection. There should be 1 per corner of the frame and custom mounting can be manufactured to suit various applications.



Lockable Flush Handle and Standard Access Door Handles (DS & DSP)


Lockable Flush Bolts and Standard Access Dorr handles offer an extra security feature with a design to suit todays modern décor. With an appearance similar to that of a door handle, lockable flush bolts are not overly common and do come at an extra cost compared to the more conventional flush bolt. Standard Access Door Handles are most commonly available on all our hinged door applications, where a double door application is required we supply 2 flush bolts on the secondary door.



Posts and Flashings (DS & DSP)


In custom applications where posts or flashings are required, we can have most custom materials catered for in any application.