Fixed Panel Louvres Brisbane

Maximum Panel Width: 950mm
Maximum Panel Height: 2800mm
Style Options: DS & DSP
Blade Options: 90mm, 150mm
Blade Orientation Options: Horizontal, Vertical
Panel Filler Options: Glass, Aluminium
Ideal Applications: Window Covering, Privacy Screening, Balcony / Patio

Fixed Panel Louvres Brisbane offer the simplest form of installation and operation. This has the panel frame solidly mounted into a fixed position with fully operable blades controlled from the finger grip on either side of the blades.

Channels can be fixed permanently to the top and bottom of the application and the fixed Louvre panel then simply drops into the channels and fixed into position. Flashings are provided to take up any inconsistencies should the opening be out of square. H section are also provided for more than single panel applications to join the panels and create strength and stability over multiple panel installations, as well as stand off brackets which offer installation of the window to provide access for ventilation and cleaning.