Adjustable or Fixed Louvre Awnings Brisbane

An award winning design that has withstood the test of time with its lightweight construction and ease of operation and it will win you too with new modern colors and color coded end-caps.

The Most effective awning for heat control and sun protection.

When closed, will block but 90% of the sun’s leaf”

Open the panels o control breeze and light – all at your fingertips with an internal handle for your convenience.

The panels can be opened to allow almost uninterrupted views or, closed for maximum protection and privacy.

Fixed Louvre Awnings Brisbane

The panels in the fixed model are angled to offer the best compromise between sun protections, cooling breezes and view.

Should any of the panels be damaged or, you have changed the colors of your house just easily replace the panels without removing the awning. There are 15 standard colors to choose from – something to match any exterior décor.

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